Site changes! 

The main changes are a site feed and comments. The site feed is provided by FeedBurner, which takes the Atom feed provided by BlogSpot/Blogger and converts it to RSS as necessary, based on the needs of the browser requesting it. Kind of nifty. As for comments, I've sort of wanted to allow comments for quite a while, but I haven't bothered to look into how to enable them. Well, they are now enabled. Go wild, but please try to stay on topic.

The only other real change is that my stylesheet is now inlined. This is less because I think it's a great way to deal with it and more because I am losing my old web space (where the external stylesheet had been) and haven't bothered to set up new space. I wish there were a way to store it at BlogSpot as a separate file, but that doesn't seem to be supported.

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